Portfolio Presentation: The Heart of Engagement


I decided to keep this presentation super simple and streamlined, so if you would like the accompanying script for your purposes just let me know!

Title: The Heart of Engagement: Five Technologies for Middle School Mindsface-41697_960_720

Blurb for VAASL: This presentation is designed to share five technologies that are appropriate for middle school students and teachers. The technologies are meant to add a heightened level of engagement in the classroom. The presentation offers implementation ideas, as well as covering some hurdles one might run into.

It’s been a crazy week of moving, and no internet for the majority of the time, so I’m just relieved I was able to get through the class! I’ve learned so much! Thanks for everyone who shared in my blog. Stay tuned for updates as my journey through education continues.

Image Credit:
Clker Free Vector Free Images/ 29620 Images (2012). Face black man smile afro hair.  Retrieved at: https://pixabay.com/en/face-black-man-smile-afro-hair-41697/ CC0 Public Domain
Portfolio Presentation: The Heart of Engagement

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